Informed Crisis Care (ICC)

In response to the request for a crisis intervention system that was both effective and gentle, the Informed Crisis Care (ICC) program was developed. Over the past few years,  we have been receiving requests for a crisis intervention system that would be ideal for: exclusive/all female youth programs, eating disorder programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, any program that works with younger children and any other program where a more gentle and harmonious approach is wanted.

The Informed Crisis Care program (ICC) is a perfect fit for working with youth and adult populations that are in need of a gentle hand to guide and yet have the ability to securely control  the youth or adult without causing pain or injury.

The Informed Crisis Care program (ICC) is appropriate for a wide range of situations where residents/clients/students/patients need to be safely redirected and de-escalated verbally, or as a last resort physically controlled, without excessive force or any pain compliance.  The verbal portion of the program builds upon the verbal crisis intervention curriculum used in the Positive Control Systems (PCS) certification in teaching the staff members, and adding additional skills that will assist staff members in communicating in a more empathetic and non-judgmental manner to create an environment of trust and acceptance.

When your staff members have completed the  Instructor Training Course in the Informed Crisis Care (ICC) program, they are able to train and certify staff members at your home facility. The staff training materials are included in the Instructor Manual and there are no additional fees for the printing of additional manuals for staff use.

The no-pain compliance approach taken with the Informed Crisis Care program (ICC) adds to the program options available from our company. The Positive Control Systems company and our initial product, the Positive Control Systems program (PCS),  have been in business and used by businesses, programs and facilities around the United States for over 20 years. The physical component of the Informed Crisis Control program (ICC) is effective and safe when matched with the appropriate population of residents/clients/students/patients. The Informed Crisis Care (ICC) certification is designed to supplement or replace the standard Positive Control Systems program (PCS) with populations that need a softer and more gentle approach . Our ability to customize a crisis intervention program enables the Informed Crisis Care (ICC) and  Positive Control Systems programs (PCS) a place in any organization.

The Informed Crisis Care (ICC) Crisis Intervention Program Provides:

  • Strong Focus on creating an environment of trust and harmony.
  • Methods to recognize warning signs of escalation of both physical and emotional stress.
  • Strong Focus on de-escalating the situation back to a calm cooperative state.
  • Strong Focus on aligning staff and clients with a harmonious and empathetic state.
  • Encourage development of decision making and situational awareness.
  • Emphasize effective cooperative communication at all times.
  • Create a safe environment for clients and staff with positive and appropriate methods.